What is fractional ownership?

It is the method by which several people can be owners of a fraction of a property in co-ownership and that is guaranteed by a deed before a notary, which can be inherited or sold at the time that is desired.

Why would you invest in a shared property?

The shared investment gives access to high-end properties for a significantly lower cost and maintenance expenses, compared to the scenario of a full-time property.

Is Quimera a Timeshare?

No. The timeshare as its name implies, gives the right to a specific week and its availability. Chimera, belongs to the Elite Alliance Residential Club that gives you access to more than 178 Residential Clubs around the world, that have the same type of property of 4 bedrooms or less and with the right to use it whenever you like. The privilege of being a member of the Club and the reservation policies have been designed to provide you with flexible use with a large inventory and to satisfy your vacation or business travel needs.

How often can I use the Club / Home?

Yes. All members of the Club will use the houses equally during the year, each member will have 35 days of use. However there is no limit of use. If any member uses the house less time, other members have the opportunity to use it.

Can the fraction be resold?

Sí. Como cualquier otra propiedad inmobiliaria, la fracción de la propiedad puede ser revendida o transferida, bajo los lineamientos y Reglamento General del Club Residencial Quimera.

Will the members always stay in the same house?

No. This in the sense of having more flexibility and availability. Members have the same right to dispose of any unit of its type, in this case with 4 bedrooms.

Can the owners invite, give away or assign the use of Quimera?

Yes. The property can be loaned to relatives and / or friends without the presence of the owner, always subject to the General Regulations of the Quimera Residential Club.

Why was this concept of Club Residencial Quimera created?

It was designed to access a luxury property in San Miguel de Allende, within the Ventanas de San Miguel Golf Club development at an ideal cost tailored to the ideal use of the property.

As a Club member, can we exchange with other residences within the Elite Alliance destinations?

Yes. The Quimera Residential Club is a member of the Elite Alliance Exchange program (www.elitealliance.com), where you can find excellent privileges in the more than 2000 properties around the world.